Adegen Review: Is This The No. 1 Choice for Hair Regrowth?

If you’re one of the many people looking for a solution to hair loss, you may have heard of Adegen, a haircare brand that claims to offer treatments for thinning hair. Their range includes shampoos, topical serums, hair brushes, and other products that promise to combat hair loss. However, how effective are Adegen products in addressing the underlying cause of hair loss? In this detailed Adegen review, we’ll look at the brand’s most popular products, the Topical Serum and Shampoo, to provide an honest evaluation. We’ll analyze the ingredients, assess their ability to stop hair loss and promote hair growth, and examine the accuracy of the health claims made on the brand’s website.

First, a Quick Overview

    • Name: Adegen
    • Products: Adegen shampoo and Topical solution
    • Benefits: Cleansing, anti-hair fall.
    • Best Place To Buy:
    • Better alternatives: Profollica Hair Recovery System.

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  • Comprehensive Hair Care: Adegen offers a range of hair care products, including shampoo, topical solutions, and hair tools, providing a holistic approach to hair health.
  • Clean Topical Solution: The Topical Solution contains no questionable additive ingredients, enhancing its safety and effectiveness.
  • Innovative Hair Tools: The brand’s hair rollers and brushes offer a unique approach to hair care, promoting circulation and product absorption.
  • OTC Minoxidil: Adegen offers minoxidil over-the-counter, making it more accessible for those seeking hair loss treatment.


  • High Cost: Adegen products are relatively expensive, potentially limiting access for budget-conscious consumers.
  • Dubious Health Claims: The brand makes unverified and questionable health claims about hair loss on its website.
  • Presence of Phenoxyethanol: The shampoo contains Phenoxyethanol, a synthetic preservative that may raise safety concerns for some users.
  • Paraben Inclusion: The shampoo contains two parabens, which have been associated with potential risks to human health, as highlighted in medical reviews.

What is Adegen?

Adegen is a brand offering a range of hair care products that revitalize hair, including shampoo, a topical serum, and specialized hair care tools. 

The “World’s Best Shampoo”?

The founder of Adegen, John Goss, boldly claims that their shampoo is “the world’s best” for combating thinning hair. Goss asserts that he has invested over $50,000 in laboratory testing of various shampoos, but this claim has yet to be independently verified. Upon closer examination, the list of ingredients in the shampoo does not contain any groundbreaking elements that suggest it can effectively reverse hair loss or prevent thinning. At a hefty price of $69.95 per bottle, it raises questions about the value it truly offers.

The Topical Solution

Adegen’s topical solution claims to be a product that can help with hair loss. However, its ingredients are not unique as it contains Minoxidil (5%), Biotin, Niacin, and Caffeine, which are commonly found in similar products. While Minoxidil is a medically approved topical treatment for hair loss, Adegen’s version does not guarantee better results than other brands. Moreover, considering the identical benefits offered by similar products under different brand names at a much lower cost, the price tag of $69.95 for Adegen’s product seems to be.

Key Ingredients in Their Shampoo and Topical Solution

  • Ingredient Analysis Of Topical Serum: Adegen’s topical solution features Minoxidil, a well-researched hair loss compound known for delivering notable benefits. It also includes Caffeine, proven to slow hair loss, and Adenosine, which enhances hair growth and thickness. However, the proprietary linoleic-oleic organic fatty acid complex in Adegen ARB remains unproven in clinical trials.
  • Evaluating Adegen Shampoo Ingredient: Adegen’s ARB+ Shampoo boasts numerous ingredients, including Hydrolyzed wheat protein, Phenoxyethanol, Eucalyptus, and Tea tree. While some elements are beneficial, including Phenoxyethanol and parabens (Methylparaben and propylparaben), they raise health concerns due to their potential endocrine-disrupting effects.

Dubious Health Claims

The health claims made by Adegen’s website could be more credible due to a lack of credible sources at the time of writing. These claims are concerning as they may not be based on accurate or scientific evidence. 

  • Sole Cause of Hair Loss: One of the claims made by Adegen is that there is only one actual cause of hair loss. However, as documented in a review, this is a complex issue, and attributing hair loss to a single cause may oversimplify the problem. Adegen does not provide any supporting references for this claim. 
  • Diminishing Role of DHT: Another claim made by Adegen is that reducing dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels is not an effective way to address hair loss, as DHT is a natural and healthy hormone. However, DHT is also known to contribute to hair loss, which contradicts established medical knowledge. 

Again, Adegen needs to provide credible sources to support this claim. Consumers should approach these claims skeptically as they lack proper citations and do not align with existing research. It is crucial to rely on comprehensive scientific evidence and expert opinions when evaluating the effectiveness of products designed to combat hair loss.

How to Use and Safety?

Adegen products are standard, with no notable side effects associated with the ingredients. However, the safety of products containing potentially harmful compounds such as Phenoxyethanol and parabens remains a concern.

Adegen Price and Availability

Adegen’s products are relatively expensive, with the shampoo priced at around $69.95 and the topical solution at $79.95. If you buy it in a kit of 2, the collective price should be around $179, but at this time, it’s on sale for $149. Visiting the official website is advisable for purchases as the products may not be available elsewhere.

Customer Adegen Reviews

Various customer reviews offer positive and negative perspectives, which can significantly influence your decision when trying to understand real-world experiences with Adegen’s products.

Positive Feedback

  • Steve’s Experience: Steve enthusiastically shares his journey with Adegen, expressing gratitude for the brand’s products. He notes the remarkable revival of his receding hairline, attributing it to Adegen’s offerings. Steve appreciates the shampoo’s refreshing aroma and the topical solution’s effectiveness. His high recommendation is fueled by the remarkable results he’s witnessed.
  • Ashley’s Transformation: Ashley’s story resonates with many who lose hair due to hormonal imbalances. She expresses her immense gratitude for Adegen, who helped her regain confidence by revitalizing her hair. Her personal experience highlights the magical transformation of her hair from thin and patchy to thick and robust, alleviating a considerable burden.

Adegen reviews

Negative Adegen Reviews

  • Mark’s Delivery Dilemma: Mark’s experience concerns Adegen’s customer service and delivery process. Despite receiving text updates about his “journey,” he faced delays and a lack of communication from the company. His initial experience could be more impressive, emphasizing the importance of reliable customer support.
  • Alison’s Price and Effectiveness Concerns: Alison’s review addresses two significant points – pricing and effectiveness. She finds Adegen grossly overpriced, especially considering that Minoxidil, a primary ingredient, is widely available under other brand names at more affordable rates. Her stance discourages individuals genuinely seeking effective and reasonably priced solutions for hair loss from choosing Adegen.
Adegen reviews
Adegen negative reviews

Customer reviews offer a holistic view of a product’s impact, reflecting various experiences and perceptions. When considering Adegen’s offerings, weighing these diverse perspectives to make an informed choice tailored to your specific needs and budget is essential.

Adegen Alternatives

Considering Adegen’s pricing and mixed reviews, exploring alternatives is a wise choice:

  • Profollica Shampoo and Supplement: If you’re looking for a hair care product that delivers natural and proven results, we highly recommend Profollica Shampoo and Supplement. With an impressive 67-day money-back guarantee, it’s a safe and reliable option. Adegen’s shampoo will set you back around $70, but it only comes with shampoo. Meanwhile, the Profollica complete system is priced at around $69.99. You can check the updated prices on their official website.
  • Simfort Shampoo: If you’re interested in a unique hair care product that promotes hair strength and balance, consider Simfort Shampoo. The product combines natural and organic ingredients, but it’s pretty expensive at around $110 for one shampoo and conditioner set on Amazon. You can find out more about this brand in our Simfort Shampoo review.
  • Fortero Shampoo is another brand worth considering. They offer carbonic acid shampoo and FDA-approved minoxidil solutions to boost hair growth. Their shampoo is priced at $49, and they claim that it can regrow hair in 90 days. You can read our honest Fortero review to learn more about this brand.
  • More Hair Growth Products Here.

Bottom Line–Adegen review

Regarding Adegen’s hair growth products, weighing the pros and cons is important. While their products have some benefits, such as potential hair growth, it’s essential to consider the price, health claims, and potentially harmful ingredients. 

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive and natural hair growth solution, we recommend Profollica. Not only does it offer natural solutions, but it also comes with a substantial money-back guarantee. Make an informed decision and choose the best option for your unique needs.

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Adegen is a haircare brand that claims to offer treatments for thinning hair. Their range includes shampoos, topical serums, hair brushes, and other products that promise to combat hair loss.

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