World’s First Human Head Transplant is Expected In Dec 2017-Italian Surgeon

  • Controversial Italian doctor Sergio Canavero claims he’s carried out the world’s 1st winning head transplant, albeit on a corpse. Canavero says a transplant on a live subject is currently close.
  • Canavero created his extraordinary announcement Friday, at a news conference in the Austrian capital, Vienna. The Italian specialist aforesaid he carried out the posthumous operation in China and that his freshly developed techniques for re-connecting the spine, nerves and blood vessels, permitting the head and body to figure in tandem, were successful.
  • The 1st human transplant on human cadavers has been done,” he said. “A full head swap between dead organ donors is that the next stage. which is the final step for the formal head transplant for a medical condition that is close at hand.
  • The recipient’s brain are cooled to a state of deep physiological state to prevent immediate death because the team of surgeons perform their backbreaking tasks. Canavero previously claimed that his 1st patient are Chinese, despite the actual fact that once he first declared the procedure two years ago, he already had his first volunteer.
  • Valery Spiridonov, a Russian tech scientist, reached out to him saying that he was willing to participate. Spiridonov suffers from a rare muscle-wasting disorder and believes that the operation may be his likelihood for a longer life.
  • “This technology is comparable to the first man to steer in space. this is often because in the future it’ll facilitate thousands of individuals who are in a good more deplorable state than i’m,” Spiridonov told
  • The potentially revolutionary procedure, that Canavero previously said would happen in Dec 2017, is that the stuff of science fiction.
  • Several dozen surgeons can work with Canavero as he can simultaneously sever the spinal chords of the donor (body) and recipient (head) with a diamond blade, in what’s expected to be a 24-hour procedure.
  • However, that operation can’t be considered a ‘full’ head transplant because the team didn’t plan to join the spinal cord and the animal would have been completely paralyzed.

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