Umtec Infrared Vein Finder

The Umtec Infrared Vein Finder is a cutting-edge medical device patented for its innovative technology. It is widely used in clinics and medical settings for IV phlebotomy procedures. This device provides significant help to patients who have difficulties with vascular positionings, such as those who are obese, have swollen tissue, have hairy skin, have dark skin, or have hypovolemia. It is particularly well-suited for use with babies, children, and obese patients.

The Umtec infrared Vein Finder features two imaging modes that can be easily switched between with the click of a button. The blue and white modes and the red and green modes provide maximum flexibility and adaptability for different skin types and lighting conditions. Additionally, the device uses medical cold light technology that is safe for your eyes and includes a sleep function that makes operation comfortable and convenient.

The Umtec infrared Vein Finder is designed to be portable and handheld with an elegant and easy-to-carry design. It includes image performance optimization with adjustable brightness settings for high accuracy and the widest opening for easier access. This device has the most profound focus of any portable Veinlite, making it an ideal tool for medical professionals who need to locate veins quickly and accurately. Additionally, the Umtec Vein Finder Infrared comes with a 90-day worry-free product guarantee, providing peace of mind for healthcare professionals who invest in this cutting-edge medical device.