Spectra S1 Vs Medela Pump In Style: Which Is Best?

Are you looking for a comparison review between Spectra s1 vs Medela pump in style? If yes, we will try to tell you which one best suits you. 

A question that I see asked a lot is the difference between the Spectra S1 Vs Medela Pump In Style. So in this article, we’re going to walk you through some of the features of both pumps to help you make an informed decision on which pump is best for you.

They’re both impressive! Both Medela and Spectra S1 are the breast pumps that you have probably heard about. If you’re a new mom, you’ve probably started doing research about it.

While they both are good but the question is, is one better than the other?

In this comparison review between the Spectra S1 Vs Medela Pump In Style, you will learn more about these 2 products like how they work? what are the extra features in one pump that the other lack, the pros, and cons of each pump, and many more?

Let’s have a deeper look.

Medela Pump In Style is a well-known brand in the breast pumps market with many benefits like a powerful suction machine, portability, and ease of use.

While the Spectra S1 is another popular brand with the same functionality but this one has a built-in battery and is lighter than the Medela.

The Medela Pump In Style is manufactured by a Swiss company established in 1961 while the Spectra is made by a Korean company—Uzin medicare.

Let’s a quick overview first;

Medela Pump In Style

Spectra S1

Manufactured By Medela (Swiss Company)

Manufactured By: Uzin medicare

Weight: 4.7lbs

Weight: 2.9lbs

Suction power:240 mmHG

Suction Power: 270 mmHg

Size: Smaller

Size: Larger than the Medela

Customer Reviews

Total Rattings: 37

Customer Reviews

Total ratings: 3824

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Similarities- Spectra S1 Vs Medela Pump In Style

They both can do single or double-sided pumping.

They both have the two-phase expression technology, which means that both can let you start in a letdown phase and then switch over to an expression phase. This technology is made to mimic what a baby naturally does when they’ve latched onto the breast.

The third similarity is that they both come with different flange sizes, other parts that are quickly taken apart and easy to clean. The pieces look a little different on both pumps, and both of these pumps are pretty different.

Expression Modes—Spectra Vs Medela Pump In Style

There are 2 modes in the Spectra S1 breast pump, one is massage mode while the other one is the expression mode.

While the Medela In Style also has 2 modes, one is letdown mode and expression mode. In letdown mode, the suction is fast and light; while in expression mode, the suction is slower and deeper.

They both have adjustable suction speed and vacuum and are designed to mimic the flow of milk.

The maximum strength of the Spectra pump is 270 mmHg while the pumping strength of Medela In style is 240 mmHg.

As far as functionality, both pumps have pretty different forms of suction. The Medela pumping style has a single knob that controls the speed and intensity of the pump. The Medela is pretty noisy, but at the same time, it is easy to handle, and it’s easily adjustable.

Portability—Spectra S1 vs Medela Pump In Style

They both are portable, discreet but If you look at the weight of these 2 pumps, the Spectra S1 weighs only 2.9lbs while the Medela In Style Pump is somehow heavier (4.7 lbs.) than the Spectra S1.

They both come with extra accessories like bottles, flanges, valves, and tubing, etc but the spare parts of Medela are easily available on the market.

The Spectra S1 on the other side comes with extra features like a night light for nighttime pumping and a timer.

As far as portability goes, the spectra have a rechargeable battery, so you can use this pump if you are away from an electrical plug.

However, the Medela pump does not have an internal battery and needs to be plugged in, and there is a separate battery pack you can buy.

System Closed or Open

The Spectra S1 pump is a closed system, and it comes with backflow protectors that protect milk from flowing back into your tubes and into the pump itself.

Medela does not have this option, so milk can and commonly flow back a little bit into the tubing and get into the actual pump itself.

That is why you hear spectra called a hospital-grade pump. However, there are some differences between a true hospital grade pump and Spectra, but that being said, it still is a robust and reliable pump.

Size—Medela Pump In Style Vs Spectra S1

One of the first things that are noticeable about the Spectra is the size because this pump’s size is pretty big. The Medela Pump In Style is pretty small to carry in a small carrying bag.

Tubing—Medela Pump In Style Vs Spectra S1

The tubing on the spectra is the same on both sides, so it’s doesn’t matter which side you plug into the pump and which side you plug into the bottle.

Whereas on the Medela Pump In Style, both sides have a different terminal, which can be confusing at initial setup, figuring out which one to connect to your pump versus connecting to the bottle.

Bottles & Flanges—Spectra S1 Vs Medela Pump In style

Medela uses a narrow neck bottle while Spectra uses a broader mouth bottle. That’s why if you’re looking to buy bottles and nipples, that is also something to consider.

Also, the Spectra S1 flange is all in one piece, and on the Medela, you can disconnect the flange, and this is what you would change depending on your size.

The Medela In Style has a flap-style suction valve, while the Spectra S1 has a duckbill flange. Many people have a better experience with these duckbill flanges. They tend to last longer and form more of a secure suction.

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Bottom Line

If you are looking for a customizable and discreet pump then Spectra is the best choice. Spectra S1 has more of a cyclic kind of three-part suck. This type of technology is more closely mimicking the milk.

The spectra have a nightlight that is super handy for nighttime feeds or pumping sessions. You don’t even need to turn the pump on to use the night light.

The Spectra also has a little bottle holder in the back, that’s why some people find it super useful for holding a bottle after a pumping session.

Spectra S1 has five different cycles, you can adjust the cycles separately from the vacuum, and this makes it a little bit more customizable for each person.

On the other hand, the Medela Pump In Style could be a little bit more confusing in the long run, I think that’s what leads to people finding that Spectra pump is more comfortable to use for the long term.

The Medela Pump in style does come with really cool carrying cases, they also have a cooler, an ice pack to hold your bottle.

Those are the significant similarities and differences between the Spectra S1 Vs Medela Pump In style from a technical standpoint.

You can buy any of the above breast pumps because they both are great devices but our recommendation Spectra S1.

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