Scent of a Woman: Fertile Females Smell Better to Men

It is assumed that the smell plays an important role in the person we consider attractive. In fact, all experts believe that every person has their own distinctive body odor that a person finds uncomfortable or attractive.

However, many aspects of the role of the fragrance in attraction are unclear, for example, Fertile Females Smell Better to Men like if certain women smell more attractive to men than others and if so, why is this.

A research team from the University of Bern has now found that the body odor (BO) of a woman is the mirror of her reproductive hormones attached and that men generally believe that the smell of a study is the most attractive in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Research on the physical appeal of women’s faces and bodies has shown that men have a remarkable agreement on who they consider attractive or unattractive.

Evolutionary theories of attractiveness suggest that men should prefer women with evidence of high reproductive health and fertility, a condition associated with high levels of sex hormones in combination that increase the chances of conception.

Female hormones, such as estradiol and progesterone, have been associated with facial and physical irritation in women. For example, higher levels of these two substances result in larger breasts and more curved waistlines, leading to the figure in the hourglass that men prefer to investigate.

In this study, for the first time, if compared to body odds, a similar situation is investigated: An aroma that acts as a “marker” for reproduction is just like the physical properties of an indicator.

The team studied differences in body odor of women to find out if some people generally smell more than other men or about odor preference just a matter of individual taste and about the reproductive hormone levels attractiveness explains body odor of women.

The researchers conducted a rather unusual experiment where 57 lucky male volunteers were asked to smear body odor samples from the forearms of 28 different women in reproductive age. The BO samples were collected with maximum fertility (when women could become pregnant) to control the effect of the menstrual cycle on the accessibility of the odor.

They found that men, as physical preferences, agreed which smell was most attractive. They also found that the higher the estradiol level of a woman and the lower her progesterone level, the more attractive her smell was.

This negative relationship between progesterone levels in women and the appeal of BO may seem surprising because, as mentioned above, the hormone with the reproductive potential of a woman is related.

However, this result can be explained by the fact that smells were collected with maximum fertility when women have high estradiol levels and low progesterone levels. In essence, the men characterized the smells of the most fertile women, those with the lowest levels of estradiol and progesterone, as the most attractive.

These results indicate that the smell of the body is a sign of possible fertility, according to the researchers:  Fertile Females Smell Better to Men this means that the greater the fertility of a woman, the more attractive is the body’s smell for men.

In the past, there has been much debate in science about whether the body’s odor preferences are genetically based. This hypothesis states that when two people are a good genetic partner, they find the smell of others attractive. However, researchers from the last study controlled certain genetic influences and found that they did not have a significant role in assessing body odor in women.

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