Mito Male Review: Does It Work & Is It Worth It?

If you’re a man over 30, chances are you’re starting to feel the effects of declining testosterone levels. You may have noticed reduced energy levels, sex drive, and muscle mass. But did you know there’s a product on the market that can help? Introducing Mito Male! This natural supplement is designed to help men boost their testosterone levels and reclaim their youth. This Mito male review will look closely at the product and see if it lives up to the hype. So if you’re interested in boosting your testosterone naturally, read on.

Mito Male Pros and Cons

  • With this supplement, the benefits can be seen almost instantly! Even better, the Mito Male supplement is made in the USA and produced in an FDA-approved facility.
  • Their approach differs from other sex enhancers as it is the first of its kind – a mitochondrial-focused men’s vitality-boosting supplement.
  • With antioxidants, Mito Male helps to protect cells from harmful damage due to oxidative stress and aging.
  • Its unique blend of naturally derived ingredients offers some, if not all, benefits that can provide various health benefits over time.
  • Some of its ingredients may help balance your hormone levels, improve heart health and memory, and enhance energy levels. 
Don’t Like;
  • If you have thyroid issues, taking Mito Male isn’t recommended by medical professionals.
  • This product contains a significant amount of zinc. It is important to be aware that an overdose may occur if you take other supplements with zinc.

A Detailed & Unbiased Mito Male Review

This section of our buyers guide will discuss all the important points related to the product, it’s ingredients, side effects, dosage, and much more. Let’s have a quick look;

What is Mito Male & Its Purpose?

Mito Male is a supplement designed to boost sex drive, vitality, and testosterone production naturally. It contains an extract derived from the Carnitines, PQQ, & Shilajit to Restore Your Mitochondria. Research has shown to increase free testosterone levels for improved energy, muscle strength, and libido. This supplement also contains a blend of S7 & Beet Root Extract for more vitality. Users report increased liveliness and wellbeing within days of beginning supplementation, also improved sleep patterns, fewer stress-related issues, and enhanced mental clarity.


OuroVitae, a subsidiary of First Finisher LLC based in Virginia Beach, VA, is the company behind this product. This nutritional brand was founded in 2019 by Peter Monsen, a US based research Biochemist. With their limited product line, which includes male enhancement supplement like Mito Male, they strive to provide you with solutions that will impact your daily quality.

Mito Male Ingredients

PQQ—PQQ, or Pyrroloquinoline Quinone also known as methoxatin is an antioxidant and cofactor compound that can help turn back the clock on aging. It does this by stimulating mitochondria [1] production in your body, leading to increased immunities, reduced inflammation [2], and improved antioxidant levels for better overall health. Packed with potential energy-boosting power, it’s no wonder why so many people are turning towards supplements containing PQQ to improve their quality of life.

Shilajit—The mysterious, tar-like substance found in the remote peaks of the Himalayas known as Shilajit has been studied for its potential to improve male vitality. In a clinical trial conducted on men between 45 and 55 years old, results indicated that participants who received 250mg of purified shilajit twice daily experienced significantly increased testosterone levels compared with their placebo counterparts after 90 days. Its rich concentration of fulvic acid – an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory powerhouse – helps slow aging by fighting free radicals that cause cellular damage over time. [3]

Shilajit In Mito Male supplement

Acetyl L-carnitine—ALC is a remarkable substance that can do something no other Carnitine derivative can – it penetrates the elusive blood-brain barrier, meaning its effects reach far beyond weight loss. This naturally occurring body component not only offers support in fat burning but also supports cognitive health and may even help to improve Alzheimer’s symptoms. Science Direct reports extraordinary results from this incredible molecule with potential implications for physical and mental well-being. [4]

GPLC—Working behind the scenes, glycine propionyl-L-carnitine (GPLC) is essential to keeping your energy production up and running. It acts as a pipeline by transporting fatty acids into mitochondria – powering them with fuel that makes ATP so you can keep utilizing its extraordinary magic.

Beet Root Extract—The health benefits of beets are extensive and impressive, with one study showing that drinking beetroot juice can increase levels of nitric oxide in adults by a striking 21% after just 45 minutes. Beyond improved cognitive function, enhanced athletic performance, and lower blood pressure levels, consuming food rich in dietary nitrates, such as beets, is an excellent way to support your overall well-being.

Beet root In Mito Male supplement

How does Mito male work?

The idea behind this product is to restore and protect the mitochondria. Because as men age, they lose mitochondria, and their overall wellness can be affected by a decrease in testosterone. Mito Male is the perfect supplement for this. Its special Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ) and the amino acid formula help restore critical mitochondria, which are responsible for powering all cells throughout the human body. Plus, it optimizes your entire body – from boosting testosterone and increasing physical energy levels to enhancing memory and mood. 

Mito male side effects

Mito Male is generally a safe supplement to take, barring those with thyroid or seizure disorders. It has gained favorable reviews from users who experienced no side effects when taken in moderate amounts. However, as its ingredients are naturally derived and mostly nutrient based, it can cause small issues like headaches, drowsiness, and fatigue if consumed excessively. PQQ is particularly an offender here, along with Shilajit, which can also bring on allergic reactions of itchiness, increased heart rate, dizziness, and nausea. In the case of L carnitine, there could be potential vomiting involved, too – but only when high doses have been reached.

Mito Male dosage

Get energized and boost your sex drive with just two capsules of the daily recommended dose. Start your day with an invigorated feeling that’ll have you ready to take on the world. Please don’t exceed the dose to avoid side effects. 

What do other people think about it—Mito Male Reviews?

Mito Male is making a splash among its users, experiencing improved energy and sex drive and better sleep quality. The Mito Male customer reviews on the company website are overwhelmingly satisfactory – with no complaints so far. Unfortunately, Mito Male isn’t available through Amazon or Walmart yet; however, it’s worth noting that customers seem very pleased with their experience regardless.

What is the best place to buy Mito Male?

Shopping for Mito Male Supplement just got simpler – only available on the manufacturer’s official website, prices remain a mystery. Still, after subscribing, you will get it for $59.48 per month, and bulk buy saves you more than 40%.

  • 1 month Supply-$59.97 Discount-15%
  • 3 months Supply-$164.91 Discount-29%
  • 6 Month Supply-$299.82 Discount-43%

Mito Male Alternatives—Comparable Products

If you’re looking for that extra ‘boost,’ then VigRx Plus could be worth considering as an alternative to Mito Male. With a specially designed formula for improved performance, VigRx Plus is leading the market with its natural ingredients clinically proven to enhance pleasure and performance. Additionally, VigRx Plus comes with a money-back guarantee in case you are unsatisfied with the product; this promise makes it one of the top male enhancement products available today. Compared to other alternatives such as Zyrexin, Ageless Male, Libido Max Red, Pro Solution, and Neo40 Review, you can be confident that his premium formulation offers real results, which is why it’s our top recommendation.

What sets Mito Male apart from its competitors?

Mito Male stands out from the competition for several reasons. First, it is unique in its formulation, containing PQQ, zinc, shilajit, and carnitines which are known to help restore mitochondria and boost testosterone levels. Secondly, it is backed by an unparalleled 180-day money-back guarantee, demonstrating Mito Male’s confidence in its product. This assurance lets customers shop with peace of mind knowing they can get their money back if necessary. With these benefits combined, customers can be sure that Mito Male will provide great results.


If you’ve been searching for a way to look and feel younger, Mito Male may provide the solution you’re looking for. This supplement supports overall male health by targeting the key areas of mitochondrial health, restoring cellular health, increasing muscle mass, higher energy levels, improving testosterone levels, and enhancing well-being. It does this thanks to its formula that contains antioxidants and various other nutrients beneficial to one’s health. Many Mito Male reviews on its website back up these benefits, with users praising increased energy levels, improved moods, and better overall performance. Practically-minded individuals should always be wary of such supplements as they can sometimes have negative effects or interfere with other medications; it’s infinitely safer to get their medical practitioner’s approval if they’re considering taking Mito Male.

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