Lower Back Pain Deadlift: How To Prevent, Treat & Recover From It?

What is lower back pain deadlift, and how can you prevent it?

Deadlifts can be an excellent exercise for weightlifting and increasing core strength, but they come with some risks. For example, the low back is typically targeted for this movement, and if you have chronic pain or prefer not to get hurt, don’t try it.

It’s also tough to perform, which may be why some people avoid it because they fear back pain.
However, the incorrect form of this exercise could lead to lower back pain, especially if you have never done it before or are not used to doing so the right way.

So how to prevent such pain in the back that causes discomfort in movement around your spine, and how best address issues with soreness once they arise after performing this type of movement pattern. Also, how to do the correct lifting and what to do if you have a sore lower back after deadlift exercise.

Treatment and Healing

The only cure for lower back pain is time. A person may experience an initial 48- to 72 hours of intense discomfort followed by lessening over the following week or two; I know this firsthand.

The deadlift is a great exercise to build strength and develop stability in the back, but it can also be excruciating without proper care. As such, we recommend you take time off from physical activity for at least three days after your first workout with this lifting scheme so that any soreness or discomfort does not continue into other parts of life.
If you find yourself pumping iron again too soon after returning from an injury, it may cause further complications and keep you off of your feet for more extended periods.

Rest is vital to relieve pain, but it’s even more necessary when injured. In addition, you should take an over-the-counter medicine such as Advil or Tylenol in order to alleviate any discomfort that may come with an injury and aid your body’s natural recovery process by reducing inflammation at the site of damage while providing temporary relief from muscle tension on top of other benefits like mild sedation which can help sleep properly again too.

Here are some essential exercises and preventive measures for the lower back pain deadlift.


When you have an injury to your back, it can be difficult for the lower spine. Bending forward and backward can be pretty painful- so there’s a way for you to work around it.

According to Healthline, Cat cow is a yoga pose that improves posture and balance, which can help those with back pain. The synchronized breath movement also lets you relax while easing some days’ stress.

The first step is to start on the floor, with your hands positioned under a shoulder and knees underneath your hips. Inhale as you arch back gently looking upwards; then transition into cat form by exhaling softly, rounding away from gravity so that it feels comfortable for both arms/shoulders + neck area while still focusing attention there.
The usual recommended duration is doing as many as you can in 1 minute.

Banded Bridge

The gluteus medius is a crucial muscle group for deadlifts. If you want to get your booty big and robust, then this posterior chain of muscles should be trained with exercises like bridge variations that teach both sides at once.

In this bridge workout, start with a band just above your knees and then lie down on the floor in an extended position. Next, bridge up by squeezing your glutes while driving heels into the ground; push out slightly to increase the range of motion- repeat desired number for each set/repetition combination.

When you bridge the hips, make sure that your lower back doesn’t arch as well. Instead, focus on squeezing and slightly tilting the pelvis a bit more posteriorly while breathing out during the exhalation process for optimal results! Do not allow knees to track past outside foot till fully extended from inhalation phase; otherwise, it might cause injury.

Hip Hinge For Deadlift

This exercise is designed to target your backside, otherwise known as the “posterior chain.” The muscles that make up this area include the glutes and hamstrings, and core abdominal muscles. It also relies on you doing hip hinges which requires balancing skills from both feet while contracting these targeted areas.

The barbell Romanian deadlift is a great exercise to build strength in the hip hinge. However, it’s done with three to six sets of five or eight repetitions, and it takes two minutes between each set at most! If you’re using heavier loads than your 5RM, it’s not recommended for safety reasons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it normal to have lower back pain after deadlifts?

The low back is a highly vulnerable area when it comes to lifting heavy weights-so it’s normal to have lower back pain after deadlift. This doesn’t mean you’ll have an injury, but do know that your body might feel sore after training, specifically some muscle groups in this region.

How do I get rid of lower back pain after deadlifts?

Regular application of ice packs to the area after each workout session or using hot moist towels on days 4-6 will do little help because they only relieve discomfort while allowing us to keep working out as expected.

You can also use some over-the-counter medicines like Paracetamol or Ibuprofen or a combination of these two. These medicines will help you ease your pain sensation. Please consult your doctor before taking medications.

Can deadlift cause slipped disc?

We all know that deadlifting can be a risky move for your back, but did you also realize how it could cause weightlifters to damage their spine? Lifting with just the arms and no legs is another common way this type of injury happens.

Do deadlifts strengthen the lower back?

When performed correctly, the deadlift is an effective exercise for strengthening your lower back and core.

Does deadlifting stunt growth?

No, it’s not true. Lifting weights won’t cause you to grow taller, but it may help keep your bones healthy and strong.

Bottom Line—Lower Back Pain After Deadlift

If you have lower back pain after deadlift exercise, don’t worry because it is a prevalent condition for those who are doing regular exercise. Lower back pain deadlift can be very disturbing, but it’s recommended to rest for a few days and start the activities mentioned above for a healthy back. Some over-the-counter medications can also help you reduce the pain sensation.

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