Irrfan Khan Reveals He has A Neuroendocrine Tumor

Having announced earlier this month, as of which it was a “rare disease” with views showed Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan, for his role in Slumdog Millionaire and life of pi,  announced an official diagnosis: He has a neuroendocrine tumor .

“The unexpected makes us grow, as has been the case in recent days,” Khan wrote on Twitter on Friday. “The learning that was tested with neuroendocrine tumors from now on, they diagnosed, it will be difficult, but the love and strength to those around me, and what I have found in me has brought me to a place of hope.”

A neuroendocrine tumor can under the National Cancer Institute is one of several types of tumors, some types of cancer and its other beneficial. These plants, including pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors and tumors of cells and tumors of the karcinoid-releasing hormone formed can lead to higher levels of hormones than normal. If the hormone level is not available, a wide range of symptoms can occur.

The symptoms of the neuroendocrine tumor depend on the type of tumor and the growth of the tumor. “In some patients, the symptoms may be caused by the appearance of the tumor and its effects on nearby normal organs.

Khan made a flagrant assumption about the state of a sudden: “When it comes to rumors that have been floating, Neuro’ist not always on the brain, continued his neuroendocrine tumors peep in the body can really grow everywhere, according with the Mayo Clinic but, usually, they are attached, the pancreas, the small intestine or the lungs, Khan still needs to be revealed where the tumor is, or if it is cancerous.

Doctors do not fully understand what causes Neurondrin tumors; In fact, even typical risk factors for cancer such as smoking do not seem to be associated with this growth. The treatment is also very variable. If a doctor recommends surgery to reduce chemotherapy or hormone therapy production and slow tumor growth depends on the type and location of the tumor if it is cancer.

Khan has yet to disclose any details about his possible type of tumor, location, symptoms or treatment. For now, it seems to be positive. “For those who have been waiting for my words, I hope to come back with more stories,” reveals his tweet.

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