Drugs Which Should Be Taken With Food

Drugs Which Should Be Taken With Food

There are many drugs that actually need to be taken during Or soon After meals because they will only be absorbed with foods or to avoid gastric irritation.


Following are some of the drugs which should be taken with food.

Allopurinol Augmentin Aspirn Atovaquone
Amiodarone Bromocriptine Baclofen Carvedolol
Carbamazepine Cemitidine Choloroquine Cefpodoxime
Diclofenac Divalproax Sodium Doxycycline Felbamate
Fenofibrate Florinal Fludrocortisone Fenoprofen
Griseofulvin Glyburide (With Break Fast) Hydrocortisone Hydroxycholoroquine
Indomethacin Iron Preparation (Take Between Meals If GI Upset Occur Take With Foods. Itraconazole Capsule Misoprostol (Cytotec)
Metronidazole Ketorolac Lithium Mebendazole
Methaneamine Naltrexone Nelfinavir Nitrofurantoin
Niacin Olsalazine Perphenazine Pentoxyfyline
Pergolide Potasium Salt Piroxicam Prednisone
Procainamide Ritonavir Salsalate Saquinavir
Sevelamir Sulfasalazine Spironolactone Sulfinpyrazone
Sulindac Ticlopedine Tolmetin Trazodone
Troglitazone Volproic Acid


Following are the main reasons for taking medicines before and after a meal are:

  • Those medicines which have gastric irritants are supposed to be taken after some meal to prevent gastric irritation and thus ulcers.
  • Some medicines mostly called as antacids help in reducing heartburn, reflux and indigestion, which offers usually food enter the body, hence these medicines are taken before or with food.
  • Medicine  like antibiotics are taken after meal as it creates gastritis so taken after food
  • To ensure the medicine is absorbed into the bloodstream properly
  • To ensure the medicine is not washed away.


It’s important to Always Ask your doctor or pharmacist Before taking any medication.

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