Bald men are sexier and masculine find scientific studies

One study found that men with baldness are perceived as more musculine, dominant and stronger. So, if he’s bald, do not worry, hug his hair and shave what he does, he says in the studio, do not wear a wig, do not paint or try to hide baldness.

Women often experience men with shaved heads as more secure.

According to the American Hair Loss Association, two-thirds of men over 35 lose at least some hair, while at 50, 85% have significant hair loss. However, some mental health problems can occur when men lose their hair when they are under 22 years old.

Instead of covering up hair loss, we recommend you kiss your head bald shaving your head. A shaved head will grow in the same way as a shaved face. The public has accepted the shaved head.

Fortunately, our society has accepted the trend that bald men shave completely. Most men who begin to lose their hair are encouraged to shave completely at the first sign of thinning hairs.

Young men can initially experience mental stress through thin hair and baldness, but once someone accepts his baldness, the confidence level and self-worth value go up drastically.  While there is a clear explanation of why women on average do not find men in the shaved head, there are different theories.

Women who look at a man’s face usually see their hair first, but women see their hairless eyes and we know that the first impression counts the most, so that men without hair attract a woman’s attention to their eyes. If they can maintain eye contact, they can easily generate a report.

Another theory is that women can associate shaved men with babies, which triggers their maternal instincts.

The women also reported their preferences on facial hair in men. Most of the women were divided, some said they had men with short beards, others preferred men.

However, everyone agrees that men should be clean and hygienic, regardless of the type of hairstyle they choose, so that scruffy beards are out of the question.

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