8 Best Infrared Heating Pads For Pain Relief

There are many heating pads on the market, but you should choose them carefully since they are a bit expensive and require the advice of an expert when buying them. If you still can not choose the right product for you, take a look at our selection of the 8 Best Infrared Heating Pads and choose the right one for you.

If you frequently suffer from back pain or muscle tension, buying an infrared heating pad is the best option. This small but extremely useful device can help relieve the pain of almost any type and provide immediate relief.

8 Best Infrared Heating Pads For Back Pain

1. UTK Infrared Heat Therapy Healing Jade Mat

This infrared heating pad is made of jade stones to warm the body and also have negative ions. This heating pad consists of far infrared heat that spreads heat through jade stones.

Compared to other pads, it is safer, more effective, provides relief for a long time and is one of the best infrared heating pads. It is possible to obtain therapeutic heat in-depth penetrating. You can use this pad to relieve pain in the shoulder, neck, back, knees, legs, feet, arthritis, sciatica, and other muscle aches.

Unlike Thermotex heating pads, it is quite flexible, so you can easily wrap it in any part of the body, wherever you feel pain.

With the key, you will get a digital controller with which you can set the time and temperature settings. There is an option of automatic enable/disable and memory function.


  • Timer, smart digital controller, an auto shut-off and memory function;
  • Minimal EMF (Electromagnetic Field) and high negative ions.
  • More solid construction, secure and sturdy;
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2. Therasage Healing Pad

The IC003 Healing Heating Pad is an excellent thermal pad that can more than adequately measure cold and heat treatments.

With a far-infrared heating element that provides negative ions, it expels the jade stone plates can provide an overall experience of up to 2 to 3 inches under the skin, providing deep heat to the muscles and joints for maximum treatment effectiveness.

The heat therapy of this pillow can cure or relieve a variety of ailments, such as muscle aches, joint pain, sprain healing, and effective pain relief.

The design of this pad makes it easier to use. The discharge controls allow you to turn it on and off and adjust the heat settings. The heating unit does not produce any kind of strange odor often associated with thermal pads; It will undoubtedly help alleviate the symptoms of your illness and provide effective relief and reduced stress. The skin of the pad also feels very comfortable, so you should not feel uncomfortable even with direct contact with the skin. The design and other features described above make it one of the best infrared heating pads.


  • Easy to use
  • Pleasant to the touch.
  • Deep penetrating heat
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3. Thermotex Infrared Heating pad

The termotex pad is made of hard material, it cannot bend/fold this pad, it is made of rigid material.

Furthermore, Thermotex heating pads use carbon fibers instead of jade stones. If you buy them for jade stones, you can choose another option.

It’s quite easy to use, just put it on your back and start warming up. However, you will get a user manual with this product, which you can use.

In addition to its characteristics, it is very effective against pain, many users have used it indicating that this pad can reduce back pain or at least provide relief for a long time.

One of the most profitable and best alternatives to the Therasge tampon, you can choose the gold or platinum stamp, both have the price difference.


  • The pad is machine washable and dryer safe;
  • It is soft to touch;
  • 2-power heat settings.
  • FAR Infrared Technology;
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4. HealthyLine Heating Pad

Designed to relieve pain in different parts of the body, the HealthyLine 014Light Infrared Heating Pad is one of the Best Infrared Heating Pads and indispensable device in the kit.

This model is equipped with natural and safe jade stones and tourmaline to relieve pain and tension.

It heats up quickly and is ready to use in minutes. In addition, the negative ions penetrate deeply into the target areas, offering a remarkable therapeutic effect.

With a safety stop timer built into the surface of the pad, this heating pad is equipped with an integrated LED driver that offers users maximum ease of use.


  • Built-in shut-off timer;
  • EMF (Electromagnetic Field) and radiation-free;
  • LED temperature controller.
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5.  UTK Far Infrared Heating Wrap Pad for Neck and Shoulder Natural Jade Tourmaline Heating Therapy for Pain Relief

This pad has far infrared heat and negative ions (supplied by natural jade and carbon fiber heating elements).

It emits far infrared heat that penetrates deep into the body and has the following benefits: it relieves pain, improves blood circulation, reduces tension and stress and improves flexibility.

This model is equipped with an intelligent digital controller and has a memory function that allows consumers to use the latest heat settings used during processing.

To ensure user safety, the manufacturer equipped the pad with a 4-hour automatic shut-off option and an 8.5-foot power cord for greater freedom of movement. Furthermore, this pillow is easy to fold and take with you on your travels.

This is also one of the Best Infrared Heating Pads because it Helps relieve temporary pain and stiffness in muscles and joints, joint pain associated with arthritis, minor sprains and strains, muscle spasms and back muscle aches.


  • LED time and temperature controller;
  • Extra-long cord.
  • Effective, safe, longer-lasting and deeper penetrating therapeutic heat;
  • Auto shut-off and memory function;
  • Smart Digital Controller with Timer and Temperature settings.
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6. WelAide 100020 Far Infrared Heated Pad

It is a far infrared heating pad with high-quality material and jade stone. It provides much deeper relief in case of back pain. It offers more flexibility, improves blood circulation in your body. It has the ability to reduce tension and stress in your mind in minutes.

WelAide 100020 is presented at a very low price, with quality and interesting features. The WelAide heating pad does not use an electric coil to heat itself, it uses natural jade and natural elements.

It is one of the Best Infrared Heating Pads because of it’s quite easy to use, plug it in and wrap it around the pain area. It has a good size to cover and provides relief much longer.

This buffer also provides a negative ion, which helps your body to get an extra electron. If you want to experience a negative ionic sensation, you can experience it in the mountains or in waterfalls.

Negative ions help reduce stress, depression and increase your body’s energy. In addition, it can also improve your immune system. Welaide 100020 and UKT infrared heat therapy that cures the jade carpet have negative ions.


  • Smart digital controller
  • Easy to use
  • Reduce stress and depression
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7. Graphene Far Infrared Electric Heating Pad

If you really want to try a heating pad but can’t spend hundreds, it’s a great alternative. Use graphene instead of precious stones to transmit heat. Graphene is an ultra-thin heat conductor.

It is also the size of the average electric heating pad. If you are used to electricity, it will not change much, apart from the much deeper (and better healing) warming effect you will get.

Moreover, it weighs only 1.2 kilos. You can easily travel with it and taking it with you will not be a problem if weight is a problem for you. Make sure you ask for information on radiation emissions and if this device is blocked by radiation.


  • Uses Graphene heating film instead of stones
  • Pad weight: 1.2 lbs.
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8. SeHeat, Natural Jade Mat

This treatment mat contains natural jade crystals that work by heating the far infrared and negative ions to provide therapeutic healing. At the same time, it protects your body from harmful electromagnetic radiation and has temperature control and digital timer. It is credited with superior quality, lightweight (4.4 pounds), a reliable heating pad and durable relief. in short, this is one of the Best Infrared Heating Pads.


  • Protection from harmful electromagnetic fields
  • Easy to use
  • Smart digital controller
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When to Use Infrared Heating Pads?

Consider buying one if you suffer from any of the following effects:

  • Joint pain
  • Minor muscle soreness/stiffness
  • Back pain (acute or chronic)
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Sprains
  • Strains

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