10 Best Patient Lifts For Home Use (A Helpful guide)

You know that Finding the best patient lifts for home use or hospital use can be a challenge. You want something durable, economic, and reliable. When choosing the best patient lifts for home use, it is essential to determine daily needs.

Patient lifts are medical devices that can be used to move paralyzed or mainly dependent patients from one place to another without the caregiver having to work hard. Patient lifts are also called handicapped lifts, mechanical lifts, and hospital lifts.

The patient lift and transport a person with minimal effort and safety. Some of the main reasons for choosing a patient lift are:

  • The patient is too heavy to transport safely without the help of a lift;
  • The ability to lift patients from the ground.
  • Avoid injury to the caregiver or the patient during the transfer; and

According to a study published in the BMJ journal; the use of a mechanical patient lift can reduce injury rates, musculoskeletal symptoms and compensation costs.

Now the question is how to properly use a patient lift?

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has developed a list of best practices to mitigate the risks associated with the use of patient lifts. Patient lifts users must:

  • Become familiar with how to handle the patient lift.
  • Adjust the sling according to the patient’s specific lift and weight. A sling must be approved for use by the patient lift manufacturer. There are no slings suitable for all lifts.
  • Examine the fabric and straps to make sure they are not damaged. Do not use it if there are signs of wear.
  • Keep all clips, latches and suspension bars in place during operation.
  • Hold the base (legs) of the patient lift in the fully open position and position it for stabilization.
  • Put the patient’s arms in the straps.
  • Make sure the patient is not excited or upset.
  • Lock the wheels of all equipment intended for the patient, eg a wheelchair, a stretcher, a bed or a chair.
  • Make sure that the weight limits for the lift and sling are not exceeded.
  • Follow the instructions to wash and take care of the canvas.
  • Create and follow a checklist for inspection of service inspections to identify worn or damaged parts that require immediate replacement.

How to choose the best patient lifts for home use?

Several Lifts are designed to work with different types of sling lift styles. When buying a lift, also be sure to choose an appropriate belt style. If the lift is to be used for a specific person, the sling must be the right size for the patient. In situations where you use the lift for a variety of patients, it is best to have more sling sizes by hand.

10 Best Patient Lifts For Home Use

Luckily we have compiled a list of the 10 Best Patient Lifts For Home Use. These include electric and manual patient lifts. These lifts are some of the Best Patient Lifts For Home Use available in the market.

Electric Patient lift

Motorized lifts not only facilitate patient movement but also help nursing staff. There are many electric lifts from which you can choose in the market. This decision may seem a complicated process, but with a little help, you can easily make an informed decision. Here are six of the best electric lifts available today.

Here is a list of important and best patient lifts for home use and hospital use.

1. Advance Portable Hoyer Patient Lift Electric

Hoyer Advance is compact but can make numerous exceptional transfers. On the floor or in a hospital bed, this patient lift is easy to handle. The unique design of the Advance conical leg allows the lift to get even closer to larger obstacles.

This is especially useful when they encounter large chairs, comfortable wheelchairs, and heavy commodes. The conical design also ensures that the occupant feels safe during the transfer.

Features The only Smart Monitor control box tracks and accurately displays the important operation and maintenance data of the lift.

An easy-to-read LCD screen provides valuable information at the touch of a button. The folding design without tools allows compact storage. The footrest reduces the force needed to start the movement when the fixed lift moves forward.


  • Transfer and lift patients with ease from the floor to bed, from bed to chair, commodes, shower seats and lift chairs. It can also transfer from cars and vehicles.
  • This is a highly compact and portable design
  • Easy to use the patient lift
  • Comes with a battery and a charger
  • The maximum operating load is 341 pounds.
Best patient lifts for home use
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2. Invacare Reliant Battery-Powered Patient Lift

Invacare Reliant lifts are designed to reduce the risk of back injuries to caregivers and to ensure the dignity of resident treatment. These high-quality lifts are practical, reliable and comprehensive tools for healthcare professionals.

Invacare Reliant lifts support up to 450lbs, making it easy for potentially demanding transfers for the patients and caregiver. The high lifting range allows easy access to chairs, drawers, floors, and beds (with a free space of at least 4.5 “under the bed)

The robust and practical design of Reliant lifts offers the solution for successful research on the safety and effectiveness of health care.


  • Comes with two 24 volts batteries
  • Multi-grip push handle angled to minimize wrist strain
  • Covered base provides protection against wear, dirt, and moisture
  • Removable battery pack eliminates downtime and simplifies the charging process
Best patient lifts for home use
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3. Drive Medical Bariatric Electric Patient Lift

With a capacity of 600 pounds, this bariatric battery charger with a non-removable battery from Drive Medical has the strength on its side. The extra-wide crib rotates 360 degrees and includes a 4-point connection.

A high elevation area allows the device to transfer patients to high surfaces. The battery can be charged by plugging in the device and never needs to be removed (the lift does not work when it is plugged in).

A jumbo actuator pump that lowers the patient guarantees safe repositioning. The pump even includes an emergency button and can be switched to manual mode.

The sturdy bases, with heavy 3 “double front wheels, are easy to adjust and lock in the open position with padded shifters.


  • It is a portable patient lift that can fit under the bed
  • It can lift up to 600 lbs
  • Come with a rechargeable battery
  • Base legs can be adjusted easily.
Best patient lifts for home use
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4. Hi-Fortune Electric Patient Lift Hydraulic Portable Lift

Maximum safety and patient comfort are integrated into this highly maneuverable high-quality patient lift. Easy to use and designed to work in tight spaces. The emergency lowering device integrated into the actuator. The lower base fits under most beds. Durable for demanding hospitals and long-term care homes, but also the best patient lift for home use.

With its sturdy steel frame and 4-point base, this new Hi-fortune patient lift safely raises or lowers people weighing up to 300 kg (400 pounds) from any fixed position. The lift uses a high-performance hydraulic system to ensure smooth and safe movement. Easy-to-use pauses offer greater security. These things make it one of the best patient lifts for home use.

Practical manual buttons and adjustable pedals can be operated on foot. Simply press the left pedal to enlarge the base or the right pedal to enlarge the base. The rear wheels can be locked for greater stability.

This Patient lift is Suitable for Wheelchair Users, Bedridden patients, Bariatric Patient, Disabled, lower limb fracture patients, Handicap, elderly people with poor ability to walk and etc.


  • Convenient Rear Locking Casters
  • High Capacity Rechargeable Battery
  • High-quality Nylon Patient Lift Sling
  • Ergonomic Comfortable Hand Grips
  • Easy-operate Remote Controller
  • 360° Rotate Cradle Sling Bar
  • Max load capacity is 400lbs.
  • 1-Year Warranty on frame, 6-month replacement warranty on Actuator, Hand Controls. and Control Box.
Best patient lifts for home use
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5. Hoyer Deluxe Power Patient Lifter

The HPL402 is equipped with ergonomic grips to reduce tension on the back and a mechanical down-release lever for non-powered lowering. The single-stage drive is mounted upside down to give the patient more legroom. The unit also has leg guards and bumpers to prevent damage to walls and furniture.

The actuator uses a rechargeable 12V DC gel battery and is equipped with a low battery alarm. The manual control turns on and off. The average charge time is 6 hours.

It is one of the best patient lift for home use that features a U-shaped adjustable base, 3 “non-blocking wheels, a rear-mounted actuator for more knee room and a 6-point anti-tipper base that provides maximum belt options Integrated emergency stop manual release Reduce leg and bumper protection.


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on the Frame 1 Year Warranty on Parts
  • Patient load capacity: 400 lbs
  • Width: 24 “- 40.5” Length: 43.5 “
  • Includes Free Sling.
Best patient lifts for home use
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6. Lumex Sit-to-Stand Patient Lift

Quality is the hallmark of all Lumex products. It is used by health professionals and end-users for more than 50 years, Lumex offers a full range of seats for patient care and attention.

It is one of the Best Patient Lifts For Home Use. It is made of thick steel with a white powder coating and rubber feet to protect furniture and walls. The lifting bar offers the patient several stops and space for several lifting straps.

Large, easy-to-grip handles offer easy maneuverability, while the intuitive pedal controls the leg opening mechanism, freeing the hands. Seat lifts are designed for patients who have difficulty sitting alone in a sitting position. Patients must be able to actively participate in the lifting process and partially support their weight.


  • Unique, ergonomic foot pedal base opening
  • 400 lb user weight capacity
  • Overall Height from Top to Bottom is 68 Inches.
  • Overall Depth from Front to Back is 40 Inches.
  • Overall Width from Side to Side is 26. 5 Inches.
  • Overall Product Weight is 116. 6 Pounds.
Best patient lifts for home use
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Manual Patient Lifts

Hydraulic patient lifts are among the most commonly used and the best patient lifts for home Use due to reimbursements and insurance recommendations.

Although the most common hoists are hydraulic or manual, lifting patients is more difficult for the caregiver and is not popular among patients because it is necessary to do too much work to position the passer and move the patient. while the patient is suspended.

7. Lumex Stand Assist Patient Transport Unit, LF1600

With Lumex Stand Assist, transport functions of all types are fast, convenient and require minimal support from support personnel. Users grab the center post and use their power to get up. Stand Assist is a practical alternative to bathrooms for the disabled.

Lumex Stand Assist is designed for users who have the power and stability to handle themselves. We recommend an electric seat to lift people with limited strength and stability.

The stand assist features double padded upholstery and seat cushions for convenient transportation. Patient care can be easily adjusted through narrow doors and a cost-effective alternative to electric foot controls.


  • Convenient grab bar
  • Comfortable padding
  • Economical transport
  • Functional split seat
  • Stable base with locking rear casters
  • Fits easily through narrow doorways
  • The patient load capacity is 400 lb.
Best patient lifts for home use
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8. Invacare Lightweight Hydraulic Patient Lift

The lightweight construction of the Invacare Painted Hydraulic Lift allows it to be easily disassembled, transported and set up. These features make it one of the best patient lifts for home use.  Users are able to be rotated 360-degrees without swaying side-to-side and low-friction casters make rolling the lift easier.

Padded swivel bar has six-point attachment and adapts to multiple sling styles. Pump handle can rotate from side to side for caregiver convenience. Low friction casters significantly improve rollability and contribute to caregiver safety.

This lift can easily support up to 450-pound weight. It features a heavy-duty hydraulic system which allows easy lowering and lifting. It can also be rotated 360-degrees.  The lift also comes with low-friction casters for easy rolling.


  • Easy to operate
  • Durable
  • compatible with multiple slings
  • Lightweight
Best patient lifts for home use
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9. ProBasics Patient Lift

The Probasics hydraulic patient lift is designed to lift a patient from the floor or furniture onto another surface. In addition, it supports up to 450 pounds. This lift has a width-adjustable base, an adjustable arm from 22 to 64 inches, two lockable wheels and is compatible with a 4 or 6-point harness. You will not find better quality for this price.

Features include a sturdy steel frame, push handle, padded swivel rod, and two lockable rear wheels. The ProBasics hydraulic lift is light, easy to assemble and disassemble and allows patients to rotate without side tipping. Supports patients weighing up to 450 pounds.


  • An adjustable base that can accommodate patient of all sizes
  • Easy to operate pump handle
  • Adjustable legs handle lock
  • 5” caster wheels
  • Easy to assemble


Best patient lifts for home use
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10. Drive Medical Hydraulic Patient Lift

The six-point hydraulic patient lift is a robust and reliable patient lift that facilitates the transfer of patients with reduced mobility. With the lift, patients can get off or lift from any fixed position and transport safely and comfortably. The lifts use high-performance hydraulic systems to raise and reduce power.

The hydraulic lift has a sturdy steel construction that increases durability. This also makes the lift strong enough to easily carry weights of up to 450 pounds or 24 kilograms. The six-point lift support provides easy fixation of two or four straps and two chain ties for added safety. Both belt chains are included with the lift, but spare chains are also available. The lift base is adjustable in width to accommodate different users and ensure a more precise transfer size. These features make it one of the Best Patient Lifts For Home Use.


  • 6 point cradle design
  • Comes standard with 5″ casters
  • Adjustable-width base
  • Made of steel for enhanced strength
  • Easy to operate
  • Patient load Weight Capacity is 450 lbs
Best patient lifts for home use
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Patients lift sling

The patient’s lifting straps are available in different sizes and materials. The choice of harnesses is essential for a safe, comfortable and successful transfer.

Some slings are U-shaped and allow the sling to be mounted on the patient without lifting it. The U-shaped straps simply slip under each leg. Furthermore, the harness can be removed after transferring in a wheelchair, thus preventing the patient from sitting in his chair on the harness.

Other rings, often referred to as rings throughout the body, require significant maneuvers for the patient to position them correctly under the patient to lift them. This can be a process for both the caregiver and the patient.

If you are looking for Patient lift slings 


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