Prebiotics: Uses, Sources & Side Effects

Prebiotics are non-digestible food ingredients that are used selectively in the colon to multiply healthy bacteria. They promote digestion and stimulate the production of valuable vitamins. They also promote the growth of beneficial bacteria (lactobacilli and bifidobacteria) to feed without the “bad” types. Good bacteria play an important role in regulating your immune system, inhibiting […]

Corex (Chlorpheniramine/Codeine): Uses, Side Effects, Dosage

Corex is the combination of two prescription medications such as chlorpheniramine and Codeine. Chlorpheniramine (4mg) Codeine (10mg) Corex syrup is available in 100 ml and 50 ml. Chlorpheniramine a first generation antihistamine for the prevention of the symptoms of allergic diseases such as rhinitis and urticaria. Although chlorpheniramine is not generally approved as an antidepressant […]

100 Year Old Woman Gives Birth To A Baby Boy

ITALY – Anatolia Vertadella, a 100-year-old woman, has given birth to a baby after a successful transplant. The controversial transplantation is often criticized by medical professionals because of their advanced age. The illegal and controversial surgical operation was carried out in a private clinic in Turkey, where the European law on ovarian transplantation does not […]