Scientists Explain Why Knuckle Cracking Makes That Awful Sound

The characteristic pop can be explained with three mathematical equations, say US  and France researchers. Science student Vineeth Chandran Suja broke class in France when she decided to investigate. He developed a series of equations with his professor, Dr. Ing. Abdul Barakat Ecole polytechnique to explain the typical sound that accompanies the release of the connection […]

Pharmacist Education Requirements

Pharmacist Education Requirements  To be a Registered Pharmacist You need to Earn A degree which is called Doctor of Pharmacy.Following are some of the Pharmacist Education Requirements: Atleast First Division in Higher secondary School. There are other Pharmacist Education Requirements Like Your Original Attested Documents, Affidavit, CNIC Card etc. You will have to Pass Entrance […]

Mesothelioma: A Rare Type Of Aggressive Cancer

Mesothelioma is a rare type of aggressive cancer that affects the lining of the lungs, heart or abdomen. This type of known cancer develops from the thin layer of tissue that many of the internal organs covered (such as the mesothelium.) First, by inhaling asbestos fibers, mesothelioma is diagnosed in older people more often associated […]

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) buys Novartis for 13 billion US dollars

GSK buys out Novartis in $13 billion consumer healthcare shake-up and takes full control of products such as Sensodyne toothpaste, Panadol, Headache, Muskelgel -Voltaren and Nicotinell- pavement. GSK’s biggest step since the acquisition of Emma Walmsley last year, the decision of the British pharmaceutical company, the deal with Pfizer to sell, thereby endangering an auction of […]

New Antibiotic Successfully Treats “Drug-resistant Superbugs” For The First Time

Researchers say they have been able to simplify and synthesize a form of teixobactin to successfully treat a bacterial infection in mice. They say that this synthetic form is so powerful at killing “super-bacteria” as teixobactin in its natural state.The study is published in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. In a “breakthrough”  scientists say they […]